KORMETAL from yesterday to tomorrow with over 42 years of experience

Kormetal was founded in 1978 and produces high quality aluminum casting products with more than 42 years of experience, combined with a skilled workforce and the latest technological achievements.

Kormetal’s Low and high pressure aluminum casting factories produces high quality aluminum casting products for industries such as automotive, lighting, white goods, heating and ventilation systems.

As one of the pioneers of the industry, Kormetal meets the demands of both domestic and foreign customers with the quality certificates it holds and high quality, eco-friendly production.

Our Fields of Production


Low Pressure Casting Factory

Our Low Pressure die Casting factory has a capacity of casting and processing 5,000 tonnes of aluminum components annually. As one of the pioneers of the known industry, Kormetal has also been manufacturing light alloy wheels with our own brand Kormetal since 1986. We improve continuously our capacity of 400,000 wheels per year (for now), according the demands of our domestic and foreign customers.


High Pressure Casting Factory

We produce high quality die casting aluminum components for industries such as automotive, lighting, household appliances, heating and ventilation systems at our High Pressure aluminum die casting factory. In our different production facilities with fully-automated die casting aluminum press systems, with variable components between 20 grams to 8.5 kg weightness are manufactured on 14 different presses with a capacities between 400 tonnes to 1,250 tonnes through resting furnaces integrated on each bench, automatic mold spraying, and component lifting robots.

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